Field Work Pop Up Shop

I spent this Saturday at the opening of Field Work, the Pop Up Shop co-curated by my housemate Caitlin Hinshelwood with fellow textile designer Rose de BormanThe shop is located in Shorditch on 54 Rivington Street London, and is open from the 10th – 18th December.  There is a special open evening on the 15th. 
My photos don’t really do it justice, it is just the most beautiful shop I’ve ever seen. Showcasing an exciting selection of beautifully crafted products from independent British designers and artists, alongside folk art pieces, and stocking fillers from recent trips to Mexico and India.  The shop is filled with colourful treats for a delightful Christmas shopping experience. 
There is a large selection of printed textiles, (including some pretty amazing cushions) knitwear, stationary, antiques, original artwork and curiosities.  Some of my favorite things are the smallest, like the indian spinning tops and papier mache dolls. Rose’s dog Tina is also helping out, making sure everyone has a cuddle and sniffing out any stray mince pies.